The Pilot

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One of my favorite movies is an eclectic French film titled Amelie. In one of the opening scenes, the narrator introduces the characters by describing their personalities by listing three things they love and three things they hate.

“Amelie’s mother, a schoolmistress from Grugeon, has always had shaky nerves.

She dislikes puckered fingers in the bath, having her hands touched by strangers, and pillow marks on her cheek in the morning.

Amandine Poulain likes figure skaters’ costumes on TV, polishing the parquet, emptying her handbag cleaning it out and putting everything back.”

I can’t speak a lick of French but Amelie is a pretty eccentric gal so I am certain we’d be buds. Therefore, I definitely think I’d be a part of the opening scene. Something like:

“Miriam Mahfoud, a twenty-something nurse, always had a thing for accents.

She dislikes post workout clingy/sweaty sports bras, when people spit on sidewalks, and using emojiis in her text messages.

Miriam likes the satisfaction of correctly guesstimating the appropriate sized tupperware for leftovers, perfecting her skills in the art of bargain shopping,

and people watching in airports while sipping on a ridiculously priced average cup of joe.”

Riveting stuff…right? Which really made the idea of starting a blog so intimidating. What would I write about? I’m a 24 year old registered nurse that has been living the solo life for quite some time now and can often be found eating Trader Joe’s crunchy peanut butter from the jar and living out of suitcase. In fact I am typing this on a layover in the Hong Kong Airport as we speak. Or type. Whatever.

And I must admit, writing is really not my strong suit. (Mom if you’re reading this, that third place Patriot’s Pen Essay contest written about freedom from the seventh grade does not constitute me as a good writer! We gotta move on from that. I bet only three nerdy students even entered.) In fact, my attempts to correctly use a semicolon usually look something like this- ;]  (hence the anti-emojii platform).  Embarrassing, I know. Luckily, studying nursing allowed me to mask some of those inadequacies. If you want to know the correct tense or spelling of a word, look elsewhere, but if you’re interested in the proper way to insert a urinary catheter or how to give a rectal suppository, I’m your girl. My mind works using run on sentences and I often go off on tangents which is exactly how I foresee this blog being written.

Unfortunately, over the last year or so my personal Fresno community has shrunk as my friends have gone off to pursue amazing career opportunities/school/marriage and the like so I see The Dandelion Diaries as a way to keep them updated on my current happenings and passions. Right now I am into three main things: nursing, travel, and food. Oh and there will also probably be a lot of me trying to sort out the confusing but often exciting mystery of God’s will for my life. At 24, it’s a constant battle to remember that this freedom in young adulthood should not be wasted or abused and that everything I am and have been blessed with is attributed to His grace and love for me.

So whether you’re a dear friend or a stranger that somehow stumbled across this page, welcome and enjoy the ramblings of novice nurse with a gypsy soul that is always craving delicious eats and most of all, adventure.

P.S. I am currently in Vietnam. Feel free to join me on this adventure through my blog!

Cheers and keep on wishing,



2 thoughts on “The Pilot

    • Amen to that, Kendra. I’m so excited for Kenya2015! Can’t wait for you older nurses to teach me a thing or two about baby catching in Africa ;]


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