MY HALLOWEEN’S PAST: 6 of my favorite costumes

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Happy Pumpkin Day! Bit chilly outside isn’t it? I have this theory that autumn officially starts in the Valley on Halloween. I feel like every year, all October long we got our California cool gear going strong. Sunnies, flip flops, summer dresses, and cutoffs galore right until about October 31. It’s like the weather just knows today is for all things dark and gloomy and that most girls are going to be wearing dental floss and toddler sized t-shirts. In my childhood, I remember my mother would always force us to wear a turtleneck underneath our costume which would always tick me off. Mother, don’t you understand that Miss America will not win wearing a bulky sweater under her evening gown? Come on, you’re throwing off my holiday mojo! Anyway, today’s Halloween seems no different. We actually might get rain…and hopefully that’s no trick. This drought is nuts.


Fake Nurse

Unfortunately, I will be dressed as a nurse this year and will be spending Halloween with other individuals dressed as medical professionals. The most festive part of my evening will probably include too much Halloween candy brought in by patients’ families and working with blood. But hey, it’s a Friday night with rain a coming and people will probably not be making sound choices…as sad as it sounds, I bet our trauma unit is definitely going to be a party tonight! (But none of you are invited! Drive safely and no getting in a brawl with Frankenstein at a party, ya hear?) Oh and can we just talk about the “naughty nurse” costume for a second? Don’t get me wrong, some of my co-workers are the most confident, physically fit, beautiful, rock stars I know. But a real nurse, including the ones that wore the white cap and stockings back in the day, would not have the most attractive get up. Let me explain.  By the end of a shift, that uniform may be covered in phlegm, poop, blood, purulent pus, and other unmentionable bodily fluids. Including our own sweat because sitting down is not a common activity in the nursing profession.

Real Nurse

Real Nurse

So if you want to cuddle up with that or you find dirty scrubs sexy, you may want to swing by tonight and get your head scanned. (Besides, although it would probably classify CPR as an effective workout, no one could really do compressions in fishnets and stilettos…) Okay, done with that rant.


However, I love love love dressing up for Halloween. I love clever costumes. I love the creativity people put into it. I love pretending for one night that you can be something other than human. And because I am working tonight and do not get to dress up, I thought I would revisit my Halloween’s past. Although none of them are nearly as amazing as my little Minion of a niece, Malayna (see instagram photo up on the right!), I had a rockin’ time getting to where all of these outfits.

Here are my top six favorite costumes:

6. DORA THE EXPLORER– Halloween 2013
imgresSpoke Spanglish all night. And don’t forget the BACKPACK, BACKPACK! Loved handing out candy to the kiddos who ate this costume up.








5. PIKACHU (or I should say the Pikachu Colony)- Halloween 2009
Because the world is incomplete with just one Pikachu. We finally put all of our Forever 21 bags to use to make those iconic ears.

4. MRS. POTTS– Halloween 2010
This is a real Disney branded costume. So fun plus you can eat as much as you want and no one can tell.

3. WHERE’S WALDA? -Halloween 2010
By far the most fun to photograph. I think I photobombed 90% of the photos at that Halloween party. Find me :]

2. HEDWIG the OWL– Halloween 2012
I am a Harry Potter fanatic and I was pretty stoked to wear this because I sewed/glued this costume together.


1. NIGIRI SUSHI– Halloween 2011
Sushi_nigiriBecause who doesn’t want to be Asian food for Halloween? Another handmade costume with my crappy sewing skills. Complete with wasabi/ginger headband and Kikkoman soy sauce necklace.



Whatever you choose to do tonight, may it be filled with sugar and safety. Uber and Lyft have now come to Fresno so utilize them! Or call me…I’m off around 11pm.

Cheers and keep on wishin’,



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