KENYA: Hangin’ with Simba (back-blogging part 4 of 4)

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Here it is. The last edition to the Kenya postings…only like a month late! While I considered just moving on to a new blog topic and skipping the last part of my trip altogether, after browsing my pictures from the safari again I was reminded how mind blowing it was to experience. It’s The Lion King on ‘roids. And with all the recent media crazed lion related events, I just really wanted to share some photos of these incredibly majestic creatures. God is so flipping creative. Seriously. 

After 11 days of teaching and living the missionary life in Kipkaren Village, we finished the trip with a safari on the Masa Mara National Reserve. Michelle recommended the company Sentinel Safari and man they did not disappoint. This company is only one of two safari groups that get to function on the reservation property.  Sentinel Safari is also considered an eco-friendly company that strives to function with low environmental impact as they are a mobile camp and set up everything with each safari.  As far as cost…well I had heard safaris were expensive and they pretty much cost an arm and leg. BUT it is glamping style, kind of like a cruise where it’s all inclusive. (And yes, I read somewhere that “glamping,” aka glamorous camping, is now an actual word in the dictionary. I don’t know why I remember this random fact but look it up, I am almost positive.) All you can eat and drink with a gourmet chef. One flick of the wrist can get you a hot beverage with a side table to go with it so you don’t have to set your cup on the ground as you relax in your chair facing the Mara River, with the hippos splashing happily just below you. Every time you want to shower the guards bring a tub of hot water and fill the large water tank outside your tent as there is no permanent plumbing or water system set up. And at night, the guards personally walk you to and from your tent to the dining area or camp fire just to be safe. It wasn’t uncommon to see monkeys or some other wildlife trotting through the camp site.

We pretty much hit the jackpot with our animal sightings as well. In our short two and half day tour, we saw four of the five most sought after safari sightings which are collectively known as the Big Five. Our guide, Dominic, is a native Masai villager and he explained that the origin of the Big Five actually was coined by game-hunters and referred to the top five most challenging animals to hunt on foot. According to Dominic, most villagers do not practice killing wild animals as they once did for traditional purposes such as warriors wanting to prove themselves brave/worthy/etc… Anyways, the Big Five includes the lion, the elephant, the buffalo, the rhino, and the leopard. Another group at our camp had been there five days and had yet to see the leopard but we saw it on our first day! We really had some crazy good luck.

So instead of doing a long and detailed post, I’ll let the pictures (and a few videos) speak for themselves. Better late than never (and apparently better to not be a dentist from Minnesota that hunts safari animals for sport…) Enjoy!

Oh and also, I just quit my job…but more on that in a post later this week :]
Cheers and keep on wishin’!


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