How to Apply for a Vietnamese Visa

To enter Vietnam, you will need a visa. You can apply for a single entry or multiple entry visa and there are also different time periods available. Vietnam requires most visitors to get a visa, but contact with your embassy to check if your country requires it. This post will explain an easy way to get the 30 day tourism visa for an American. There are two ways to get a visa:

1) Apply through the embassy:  Estimated cost $100 (can vary, case by case basis), Expected time is at least 5 working days


2) Apply for a VOA (Visa on Arrival) through a separate agency: Estimated cost $60-65 ($15-20 for agency processing, and $45 for air port stamping), Expected time is 2-3 working days

VOA counter at HCMC Air Port

VOA counter at HCMC Air Port

I used the second way because it’s cheaper and had a more simple application. Some people prefer the first method because they are uncomfortable with the idea of getting on a plane with a paper that is supposed to issue them a visa instead of already having it in their possession. It is was a little unnerving sending in my passport and personal information online to an overseas agency but it all worked out and is actually very easy. I personally recommend the second method and will list the well accredited company I used.


  1. photo (1)Apply for VOA through agency, I used, cost is $16, takes 2-3 working days
    *I chose this company because they have recent reviews, have quick and amazing customer service, no credit card fees, and offer a 100% refund if your letter is denied
  2. Check email in a few days and print VOA approval letter and Entry& Exit forms
  3. Prepare two passport sized photos (2x2in), I had mine taken at Walgreens
  4. Fill in the Entry & Exit Form (use this useful site to fill it out appropriately) and attach photos as instructed on form
  5. Prepare $45 USD  (for one month single visa) per person for visa stamping fee, which you will pay upon arrival. Stamp fee must be paid directly at Vietnam Airport in cash.
  6. Present the forms, photos, passport, and cash at the Landing Visa counter. If you still have concerns/questions, click here to view this slideshow for a review of the airport procedure

Important things to note:

  • Ensure your passport is valid for at least six more months.
  • Bring exact change for the stamping fee ($45). You may not get change. They also are suspicious of the validity of old, faded, and crinkly bills so it’s best to have fresh bills from the ATM.
  • VOA approval letters is NOT VALID for OVERLAND ENTRY. The three international airports in Vietnam that you can receive your visa stamp with this approval letter are: Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi), Tan Son Nhat International Airport (Ho Chi Minh City) and Danang Airport (Da Nang).

Hope this was helpful. Cheers and happy traveling!



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