iRockOut July 2015

My audio love for July:

Shakey Graves


28 year old Shakey Graves is a Texas native and folk playing phenomenon. Dearly Departed is yet again another spectacular find from those free Starbucks downloads.  I usually blast a lot of country tunes in my car during the summer but this folk jam has been on repeat since I have been back in the US from my summer month abroad.  After watching the video, I was pleased to see a lesser known red head artist that I adore, Schuyler Fisk, be featured in the music video as the female counterpart of the couple. Anyone from my generation ever watch the Baby-sitter’s Club Movie? Remember the president of the club Kristy Thomas? Well that’s Schuyler. Check out her sweet and simple tunes here. Geeze, my girl crush on this red head is showing, isn’t it? Anyways, Shakey definitely someone to put on your radar if you’re a folk fan! For the link to his page, click here.


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