iRockOut November2014

My audio love for November:

Taylor Swift


Okay I gotta admit I used to be a Taylor hater (and yes, the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.) Over the years I think I partially went through what SNL calls Taylor Swift Vertigo…you want to hate her but you just can’t. I must say she has come such a long way from tear drops on my guitar. She also has had a hand in writing EVERY SINGLE SONG on all of her albums. And she has somehow managed to do it all while keeping her clothes on and without a sex scandal. You go, Taylor. I also have to admit that I wasn’t crazy about her newest album, Taylor Made 1989, at first either. When I first popped it into my car, I kept waiting for those simple acoustic love songs about being head over heels in crazy mad love that she is known for. While you won’t find that on 1989, you will find some catchy, 80s vibed tunes. My personal favorites are “Blank Space” and “Style.” I’m telling you, that Taylor Swift Vertigo is real.


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