VACCINATIONS: What to know and why you should get them


Okay there are a few reasons why I am a bit biased when it comes to whether or not to vaccinate.
1) I’m a nurse…duh.

2) Throughout my childhood, my mother jumped on any chance to shoot me up with each doctor visit. I literally think I had any and all vaccinations you could get as a child. And believe me, I think it may have worked. I got perfect attendance for like six years in a row and quite frankly my child self was pissed that I never got sick enough to miss school.

3) Science has shown us that vaccinations have helped eradicate certain diseases. Please understand that it’s not the act of shooting chemicals into your system that protect you, it’s the act of stimulating your immune system to create and prepare itself for battle by exposing your body to a small amount of a disease. That way if you come in contact with a live strain, you’ll have a fighting chance.

I encourage you to read this entertaining and educational comic that it breaks it down into layman’s terms. If you still don’t want to vaccinate yourself, fine. And I know, not all vaccinations are created equal- I’m saying this specifically to anyone who may want to argue about the CDC’s recent statement on the decreased efficacy of this past winter’s influenza vaccination. I’m not writing this to refute that, because in actuality the most common strain of influenza virus in America this year is Influenza A (H3N2) which is not covered in this year’s flu vaccine (the comic will help explain why but you can also read more about this year’s flu here).  But I wanted to encourage you that overall it’s better to protect yourself and loved ones. Just know that in your wellness, if you don’t keep up to date with your vaccinations you may be living off community immunity (aka herd immunity) and are potentially endangering those around with weak immune systems (i.e. babies, elderly, and those with immunosuppressive illnesses or treatments).


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